There is great excitement in our area for the Ferragosto! But what did you understand? Not the real one! “Another Ferragosto”, the film in released on March 7th at the cinema signed by Paolo Virzì, filmed in wonderful island of Ventotene.

Do you remember “August Holidays”? It came out 27 years ago. The director from Livorno shot the sequel and the island of Ventotene is once again a holiday destination even on film, as it has always been in reality. 

There holiday in Ventotene and in general inArchipelago of the Pontine Islands remains a great must for tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world. Loved by directors, writers, artists attracted by the unique landscapes, it preserves its atmosphere suspended between reality and myth intact. 

Like the Molino and Mazzalupi families of Virzì, we too return to holiday in Ventotene, the island of the Sirens which has its origins in the Homeric myth. How can you not fall in love with its enormous natural heritage, its crystal clear waters, its ancient and modern history?

A paradise for sea lovers, including water sports, diving, snorkeling, the coves that can be reached on foot such as the black beach and Cala Rossano. A safe harbor for the more contemplative spirits, who love to lose themselves in the narrow streets of the village or in a museum, among the ruins of Roman villas and aqueducts.

And what about the charm offormer Santo Stefano Prison, the Gateway to Europe where was the first idea of a united Europe born?

Ventotene is an enchanted place that remains in the heart. Virzì's word! An ideal place for a trip easily accessible if you're in holiday in Terracina.

If you want to return to a place of your heart to experience or relive the same sensations, if you love relaxation and the enchantment of nature, here in Terracina you have the route already mapped out towards this slice of happiness.

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