Terracina it is considered one of the most important cities of Lazio. For nine years Blue Flag, the well-known seaside tourist destination has in Temple of Jupiter Anxur the most famous testimony of his past ancient Roman colony. Lying on the legendary Riviera d'Ulisse, it looks at the Mediterranean side by side Circeo, from the Pontine islands, reachable by ferry to Ponza, and from Sperlonga.

Crossroads of traditions, peoples and trades, Terracina bears the signs of the passage of civilization, paths and religion. With an ancient urban nucleus of 2000 years, it is crossed by two variants of the Via Appia - the Queen Viarum today in the race to become Unesco World Heritage Site - and from Via Francigena. In its urban planning, between churches, alleys and palaces, Terracina tells of the trades and customs of the people and at the same time of the power exercised here by three important Popes.

From the Middle Ages on Terracina was border town between the Papal States and the southern kingdoms of the Peninsula. Unmistakable and evocative are the testimonies of the boundary stones, scattered in the plains and along the hills of the hinterland, which are themselves rich in history.

Extraordinary places

Among the countless beauties to visit during one holiday in Terracina, I am absolutely by do not lose:

  • Roman sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo - Temple of Jupiter Anxur (1st century BC)

  • Cathedral of San Cesareo (year 1074)

  • Ancient Emilian Forum with the route ofAppia Antica and the Roman theatre (1st century BC)

  • Ancient port of Trajan (1st century AD) with Pisco Montano

  • Pio Capponi Archaeological Museum

  • Natural monument of Campo Soriano in the Natural Park of Monti Ausoni and Lago di Fondi

  • Tip of Monte Leano

Nature to live

Terracina is in a geographical position that makes it a unique naturalistic. Its long equipped beach, Blue Flag And Green flag dei Pediatricians, is ideal for families with children. The seafront, bordered by a bicycle lane, is therefore ideal for the Sea Holiday in the family, and knows how to transform itself, in the evening hours, into the center of entertainment for the youngest. 

The hinterland is equally rich in attractions. The hills of the Ausoni Mountains, between caves, sinkholes, paths and karst fields tell of spectacular geological phenomena. One of these, theHum by Campo Soriano, And the first Natural Monument established in Lazio, in 1985. Of great suggestion for a trekking accessible, is also the tip of Monte Leano, where the Our Lady of Latium.

The beauties one step away from us

There Riviera of Ulysses it spreads its cloak of beauties over a very large area. Atmospheres of a Greek island in the archipelago of the Ponziane islands, within reach of ship or ferry, departing from the port of Terracina. Ponza, Ventotene And Palmarola during the summer season they are a true paradise on earth to be experienced.

Of sure interest, the former prison of Santo Stefano, in Ventotene, which became symbol of the values of united Europe and object in recent years of an impressive recovery project by the Italian government. 

Not far away, to the south, to visit the cities of Sperlonga And Gaeta, with their authentic maritime identity, bordered by stacks and charming villages. Nature offers its best show with walls for trekking, coves with wild beaches and, in Gaeta, an incredible Split Mountain.

Just north of Terracina, between the Municipalities of San Felice Circeo and Sabaudia, there is an imposing green area characterized by a unique microclimate, the Circeo National Park, hinge of a wonderful territory that leads up to the promontory entitled to Magician Circe

TO San Felice Circeo, a small village and sought-after seaside destination, he insists Guattari Cave, prehistoric site which houses a skull and other remains of theNeanderthal man. Sabaudia, model urban center of rationalist architecture, is known for its boundless beach immersed in the Park and the almost intact Dunes of sand. And it's not over. Because if you move a little inland, the villages of the Lepini Mountains, L'Fossanova Abbey, and a little further north the fabulous Nymph Gardens.

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