We're almost used to it by now, but it's good to remember it. The Garden of Nymph, an ancient natural monument located in the Cisterna area, to a few kilometers from Terracina is considered the most beautiful and romantic park in the world

Word of English. And on the other hand it was indeed an English noblewoman, Onorato Caetani's wife, transformed the marshes left after the destruction of the village, 600 years earlier, into an English garden planting with holm oaks, beeches, cypresses and many flowers. Always the Caetani family (and always the wife, this time French, of a Caetani) later enriched it with rare plants from all over the world

Stories from times gone by. But not much. The lush garden still explodes in all its magnificence today and can be reached in a few kilometers from Terracina. 

Fairytale place, courted by international brands and influencers for their shootings, the Garden of Nymph has been visited today for about 75 thousand people per year

And precisely in this month of April the visits on weekends to the Garden of Nymph

A unique opportunity to visit this unrepeatable naturalistic heritage, a unique park in the world, in spring, when all the tree and floral species are at their peak. 

If we look at the opening dates it comes naturally to us to talk about a Bridge of Wonders! 

Watch out for official openings!

  • Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April
  • Thursday 25 April
  • Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April
  • Wednesday 1 May

Ideal days for a stay in Terracina at the Hotel Casa Yvorio where with just a few steps you can reach our beautiful blue sea and with a small trip out of town you can visit a unique wonder in the world.

So, if you want to visit the most beautiful and romantic Garden in the world, come to the seaside hotel in Terracina for a Bridge of Wonders!

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