A few miles from coast of Terracina, stands out paradise surrounded by the sea, among the most beautiful in Italy: it is thearchipelago of the Pontine Islands. Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, very close to each other; Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza, the largest and most famous. 

A concentration of breathtaking landscapes and natural reserves, all to be discovered.

Marco and the team of Casa Yvorio, for staying guests in Terracina, are always keen to suggest the most engaging activities to do during one vacation in our territory. The islands, which have always been "neighbors" to home and can be seen on the horizon, are a great passion of Casa Yvorio, who will thus guide us in this small voyage

Living the island: an authentic adventure

The experience of island life it is one of a kind. Outside of the busy months, the slow pace of daily life mixes with the vibrant energy of outdoor activities. Give her boat excursions along the coast to scuba diving among the sunken treasures, these islands offer a wide range of opportunities to satiate that desire for adventure that resides in all of us when we are on holiday. 

Ponza: between coves and crystal clear waters

The scenic beauty of Ponza it is unparalleled. Its hidden coves, bathed by crystal clear waters that fade from turquoise to cobalt, offer a refuge for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. From Cala Feola to Moonshine, every corner of Ponza promises a postcard view and an unforgettable experience. It is the largest island in the archipelago, and also the most popular, but it is possible to visit it in certain periods when it shows itself in all its authenticity to the curious tourist. 

Ventotene: a historical heritage to explore

The island of Ventotene, along with the proverbial island relaxation offered by its wonderful coves and its rich natural heritage, it also offers a fascinating journey into history. The former prison of Saint Stephen, which stands out on the nearby island of the same name, recalls and tells of an important piece of the history of Italy and also of Europe and is a great symbol. 

Palmarola: wild beauty 

Palmarola, together with Gavi and Zannone, enchant with their wild and uncontaminated beauty. Her cliffs, the caves hidden and crystal clear waters make it a true paradise for nature lovers. 

In short, the Pontine Islands offer a unique experience for travelers looking for adventure, beauty and history. From the breathtaking landscapes of Ponza to the historical riches of Ventotene, each island offers something special. AND Marco and the Casa Yvorio team I am available for advice, excursions, visits, everything there is to know and do in this wonderful archipelago. 

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