On September 20th the concert of Daniela Pes And Alessandro Baris in Terracina (LT) for the «Tracce» music festival
Municipal atrium of Piazza Municipio
Starts at 9.00pm

New date for the music festival Tracce, the music festival born in Terracina and now in its tenth edition. This year too, the Bucolica cultural association brings a nice portion of new music to the city of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur: musicians, songwriters, producers and composers from the independent Italian and international scene, for those with a refined palate and the curiosity to explore other sound universes.

After the intense indie folk of the Swiss Black Sea Dahu on the beach Circe seafront on July 10th, in collaboration with the Bahia beach establishment and, the beautiful ballads of Galons in the area archaeological site of the Emilian Forum a stone's throw from the theater, an all-Italian "double" is arriving. It goes on stage on September 20th Daniela Pes, a musician originally from Gallura, whose string of concerts scheduled throughout Italy is already enough to define his talent and absolute novelty in the musical panorama.  

Immersed in an artistic universe of her own, her debut album, “Spira”, is also attracting the attention of the foreign press. Daniela Pes sings, but with one invented language which is a mixture of archaic terms from the archaic dialect of Sardinia and neologisms, where even the word becomes a sound. Produced by the musician I'm a dog, as a child nourished by the wonders of Fabrizio De André, Daniela Pes takes her album around the country, performing at prestigious festivals such as Sponz Of Vinicio Capossela, and the Roma Europa Festival.

Opening the concert, an Italian composer of absolute talent, also dedicated to electronic music, inspired by the sounds of nature. Alessandro Baris boasts illustrious collaborations with international artists (Lee Ranaldo dei Sonic Youth, is just one of the names present in a piece of his album “Sintesi”), highly appreciated in the universe of film music composers. And his debut album takes on maximum power in live performances, accompanied by works of visual art.

What will be staged under the terrace of the Town Hall of Terracina, overlooking the sea, will be an intimate immersion between chiaroscuro and of great emotional impact, as the organizers of Tracce, thanks to the continuous support of the Municipality of Terracina, have been used to for years a loyal, loyal and ever-growing audience. 

Free admission

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Cell. 340 406 0140

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