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Where the sea embraces the hills, many treasures of wine culture. Journey through the Pontine cellars, with Casa Yvorio

Do you know that the Pontine territory is a small treasure chest of ancient vines which over the years, thanks to the work of the women and men of this land, have become the beating heart of fine cellars? That's right. The rounded fertile hills, the great plain that extends to the sea, were in vast portions covered with orderly rows. A gift that Mother Nature gave to the Pontine area, fueled by the intense blue of the sky, a special balm such as iodine, the beneficial heat of the sun.

The Agro Pontino is therefore an interesting destination for wine lovers and for those who love to learn about local winemaking traditions. A tour dedicated to wine tourism it is done with minimal effort and the months of May and June are the ideal period, before the excessive heat, when the vines sprout and give off bright colours. Yes, but where to go? Casa Yvorio reveals it to you!

Meanwhile, two dates to note: the May 25th and 26th there is Cantine Aperte, an event organized in all regions of Italy, now in its 31st edition, which accompanies wine tourists to discover the producers of Italian wines. Here is the program. And again, the 7, 8 and 9 June there is Abbey wines, an event dedicated to the culture of wine and the cellars and abbeys which, since the Middle Ages, have safeguarded the vines that would otherwise have disappeared today. A beautiful event hosted in a unique setting, the small village of Fossanova, built around the oldest example of Cistercian art in Italy. The Abbey of Fossanova

And now, let's begin the journey to the Pontine cellars.


In our city the winemaking tradition has only one name: Moscato di Terracina. Golden grapes, with small grains, very sweet, with their transformation into wine they were the livelihood of generations of farmers who shipped the grapes north. Today, Moscato di Terracina is a rare wine because the grape is rare. To produce it, there is the Sant'Andrea winery, a glorious history of immigration, and it does so thanks to a precious vineyard that rises on a hill, among the karst rocks of the Campo Soriano Natural Monument. The historic headquarters is still located in Borgo Vodice, where everything was born, which today produces numerous wines.  


Organic wine with the flavor of the myth, the one produced byMonti Cecubi agricultural company of Itri, which rises on the Ausone and Aurunche hills, between Fondi and Formia, which very close to the coast of Sperlonga. The Czech wine dates back to ancient Rome, we find it in the texts of the Latin poet Horace, praised by Pliny the Elder, today produced with organic farming methods by the agricultural company that takes its name from these mountains surrounded by cork trees, which organizes real Wine tasting tours.  


Just north of Terracina there is theGanci winery. Another story of land and work, for a family who arrived from Sicily to establish the first winery in the Agro Pontino on one of the few non-swampy lands of the time. Today that cellar is an extensive agricultural company which, with its plots, verges on the marvelous Fogliano Lake, not far from Circeo National Park. A reality surrounded by greenery, dedicated for years to the production of organic wines, which are accompanied by agricultural, agritourism and catering activities, and which organizes many events for tastings and days in the open air.


In Cori, and we are already deep inland on the border with the Castelli Romani, there is an important winery, that of Marco Carpineti. Here too, great attention to production. The wines are organic and enhance the native grapes of this ancient land. The company also produces spirits and offers real experience for the guests. Tastings, guided tours, stays. The recent creation of "Limito" has attracted the attention of newspapers, television and professionals. the vineyard-labyrinth created inside of the Tenuta Antoniana, between Bassiano, Sermoneta and Sezze, a land-art work created by the landscape designer and architect Fernando Bernardi.

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