As you know, at Casa Yvorio le #newsneverends and, in full Christmas spirit, we are currently looking for goodness to taste!

Turning the our Agro Pontino I stopped by to say hello to the many local producers together with whom every season we enrich and make the proposals of our restaurant menu unique.
From this tour an idea was born. Bringing a bit of Casa Yvorio's Christmas to your table.

But how to do it?
I thought about it a lot, then the light bulb came on with Simona.

"We offer our guests artisanal panettone and the perfect pairing as we do at our Casa.
What's more special?"

And we got to work.

Just south of Casa Yvorio works from three generations of an oven that rises and produces unique panettone every year.
It is theAncient Tammetta oven and just think, it was the first steam oven in the Province of Latina. Today it is run by my uncle, who is the third generation of Tammetta bakers

You should know that Tammetta panettone is not just any artisanal panettone. With her natural leavening in a unique place like a ancient oven, the use of Flour And eggs from local producers and thanks to passion and experience, was awarded at the National Competition as the fifth best artisanal panettone in Italy out of around 400 participants and how best panettone in Lazio

A great pride for our family!

Panettone is available in three flavours: classic, to the pistachio and with them chocolate chips

While for fans of the genre, you can also choose a soft and delicious artisanal pandoro, also branded Tammetta.


And the wine?

Just north of Casa Yvorio there is a winery famous for the historic production of Moscato di Terracina. And the Sant'Andrea winery.

Here too, avalanches of prizes and recognitions all over the world.
I'll just tell you this sweet and fragrant wine, is the perfect match, and theNational Association of Sommeliers!

At Tammetta's house, panettone always accompanies a sweet wine, because, as true sommeliers teach, "only dessert goes with dessert" 😉

And so our proposal for a unique Christmas was born!


We're sharing another piece of our story and we hope you like the idea. It makes us as happy as children to imagine that the ones who enrich your table are still the #isaporidicasayvorio

Click below and discover our delicacies to enjoy directly at home! 


You know how much we care guarantee the highest quality of the product and the taste, but a pinch of Terracina with the background of the Christmas tree and your dazzling smiles has a touch of magic...
When you discard that fragrant scent it will be our cuddle, because the “Nando's” panettone has always given us emotions!

A little advice that he also gives: place it on the radiator for a few minutes before serving it!

See you soon,
Marco, Simona and all the staff of Casa Yvorio

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