When you choose one holiday at Terracina, choose the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. At Casa Yvorio you will also find something more: quality. With us, you enter the local markets, let yourself be guided by the scents of local products and touch the relationship we have with the local fishermen and farms around here. 

At Casa Yvorio, we call the producers by name! Eat freshly caught fish chosen for you at the local auction. You will find on your plate the meat raised by our trusted breeder, famous for his black pig raised in the semi-wild state. The vegetables are those of our farmer friend, the flours with which we make our tasty 10 cereal bread, come from the Terracina mill.

This is our philosophy, this makes us proud to surprise you. The oil produced with the famous Gaeta olives, the real buffalo mozzarella, the Lazio excellence that is the Steccata di Morolo

At Casa Yvorio you will have an authentic taste experience. This is a certainty. The other is that it will be an experience Always respectful of your choices and be careful food intolerance

To sum up, our cuisine is:

  • encounter between tradition and innovation
  • rigorous selection of raw materials
  • products locals
  • wines precious 
  • always menu updated
  • Attention to food needs

Last but not least… a glass of wine! To accompany dinner at Casa Yvorio, a glass of wine can never be missing. For this reason, thanks to Marco's great passion, we have a rich Wine list, ready to complete your dining experience. 

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The Flavors of Casa Yvorio

The wealth of local raw materials offers us the opportunity to capture the flavours hey colors of our territory. The Casa Yvorio hotel proposes a selection of flavors of this land to take with you.

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