Did you know that a Terracina and surrounding areas came to spend their holidays vacation even emperors? It's not a figure of speech. The whole Riviera of Ulysses, from the Circeo to Sabaudia, to Sperlonga, was the land of holiday for Roman leaders and emperors. The sea of a shining and timeless blue, the very warm and regenerating sun, were irresistible even at the time.

To testify to how important this territory was and Terracina for Rome, there are the sumptuous ones Imperial villas in Sperlonga and Sabaudia, of which they remain wonderful archaeological finds still visitable today, capable of leaving everyone speechless!

It dates back to the 1st century BC Villa of Tiberius to Sperlonga, today an imposing archaeological complex around which the National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga. Discovered during the construction of the coastal road in 1957, it was here that the emperor spent his holidays surrounded by a lush nature and from the sea which, evidently, reminded him of the deeds recounted by Homer. At least judging by the marble cycles found, and whose beauty he loved to admire with a sea view. One of all, the sculptural group ofblinding of Polyphemus.

TO Sabaudia instead the remains of the arise Domitian's Villa, built on the peninsula overlooking Lake Paola and today integrated into the Circeo National Park. Made up of numerous rooms, it was also, clearly, the emperor's place of relaxation and we have no difficulty in understanding the reasons.

TO Terracina, as already mentioned elsewhere, is the Roman theatre to testify how important the moment of leisure was for the citizens of the time. A building, the one recently rediscovered in the ancient Roman forum, capable of hosting around 4000 spectators.

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