Hotel Casa Yvorio has always lived in harmony with the territory. Marco started a concrete commitment to environmental protection, in the management of the accommodation facility in Terracina. At Casa Yvorio we know that every human and business activity, in order to exist and prosper, must be in balance with resources which it uses.

That's why we support some campaigns for planting trees And we choose products at km 0, as well as supporting important structural investments linked to theenergy efficiency.

An exceptional event occurred in 2021 in Terracina. A Caretta Caretta turtle has chosen our warm beaches of Terracina to lay its eggs. We interpreted it as an act of trust to be honoured. We do our utmost to do so.

The Terracina hotel claims some campaigns environmentally friendly, choose products at km 0 and makes important structural investments linked to theenergy efficiency.

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We give oxygen to the world

For years our structure has adhered to "Treedom” an environmental campaign that allows you to remote planting of trees in the most important green lungs of the worldby the hand of local farmers. We called her Forest of Casa Yvorio, grows with us every day. More every year. 

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A sustainable Casa

In the accommodation offer in Terracina, Casa Yvorio makes good use of resources.  We optimize the consumption of waterfall thanks to a modern water system, The Sun it helps us to produce power electricity thanks to 12 kW of photovoltaic panels placed on the roof. And thanks to an efficient air conditioning system and new windows, the high level of comfort is combined with the regulations on the energy saving.




In the kitchen

The scents of kitchen by Casa Yvorio they are those of the territory and they spread at Km 0. It's our way of creating a unique taste experience for our guests and together look at environmental sustainability.


On the territory

One of the most underrated things aboutcycling the unexpected moment of happiness! At Casa Yvorio we have chosen to offer our guests bicycles to get around the area. A panacea for relaxation on holiday in Terracina, and above all a means of transport a zero impact.


Energy saving

The air conditioning systems ofhotel Casa Yvorio are all equipped with a device that allows you to optimize consumption ensuring energy savings.


Water softener

Water that is too "hard" contains an excess of some mineral salts which hinder the functioning of systems and appliances, increasing the energy consumption. A Casa Ivory, a softener of water in each room retains these salts, making benefits for everyone.


Separate waste collection

A quality separate collection it is central for waste to return to a new life by reducing environmental pollution. Casa Yvorio follows regional and municipal regulations and provides atransparent information to its guests on how wet waste, paper and cardboard, plastic and metals, glass are disposed of.

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Water saving

Water is the most important resource for all of us and we often run into water emergencies in the summer. With gods flow reducersin the faucets and showers of the rooms of Casa Yvorio, we favor savings and plant efficiency.

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