The awakening a Casa Ivory it has a unique flavor. We pamper you with a vast choice of homemade desserts, our fresh bread with ten cereals, top quality jams and spreads and fresh products at km 0. And if you prefer savory at breakfast, taste the flavor of the cured meats produced on the our territory, you will be amazed! 

We prepare the table with a large variety of dishes, i homemade desserts are prepared with selected raw materials and cured meats, they come from farms in the surrounding countryside. Like the famous black pig grown in a semi-wild state in the hills of Itri.

We have been proudly part of the project since 2019 Animal Welfare Hotel, born in Rimini, choosing to privilege, among our suppliers, farmers who respect animal life.

The cured meats come from pigs that are free to move in open spaces and that have a controlled and spontaneous diet. Our eggs are from organic farming, from free-range hens!

And rest assured. Our approach to breakfast is informed. If you have some special dietary needs, you will find at Casa Yvorio a rich and tasty breakfast even if you have food needs or intolerances. You are in the right hotel to ask, by choice or need, to eat in a certain way.

Every day, on the table:

  • Fresh products
  • Homemade recipes
  • Raw materials at Km 0
  • Beware of food intolerances

You are welcome with us, together with your uniqueness.

Fragrances to remember

The wealth of local raw materials offers us the opportunity to capture the flavours hey colors of our territory. The Casa Yvorio hotel proposes a selection of flavors of this land to take with you. 

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