Hotel Casa Yvorio - What to do in Terracina and its surroundings


Beautiful month for its climate and for a full return to outdoor activities: sports, walks, guided tours, meetings in the square and so on. There are many things to do in Terracina and its surroundings. An ideal place for relaxation, leisure and entertainment. Let's see what Marco, Simona and the Casa Yvorio team propose for this month!  


Among the ghosts with the Terracina Ghost Tour

Saturday 4 May

Now proverbHotel Casa Yvorio - Among the ghosts with the Terracina Ghost Tour ial the event organized by Italian Ghost Story, an organization that created and spread this original way of making the territories known to tourists and travelers in various parts of Italy. In between the guided tour and the theatrical performance, expert guides, a dedicated choreography and suggestive places, will lead the participants on a real Terracina Ghost Tour. Among the buildings and places of the city which, according to tales and ancient legends, were (or still are?) haunted by ghosts. A journey that alternates strange characters, old chronicles and popular beliefs, with cultured cultural digressions on the ancient history of a city that was an imperial Roman and then Papal colony. A research project that started from a book and became a real journey, the organizers would say, between the past and... presences!

Info: 340 674 9216

Reservation required


Walking and Nordic walking to discover the Circeo National Park

Sunday 5 May – 9:00 am

Hotel Casa Yvorio - Walking and Nordic walking to discover the Circeo National ParkA walk in nature which is also self-care and the search for well-being. A very special excursion that leads to the discovery of a unique natural habitat in the world: that of the Circeo National Park. This is the "Walking and Nordic walking on the Sabaudia seafront" (Strada interrupted location), which will involve a suggestive path between the lake and the sea. Accompanying the participants were Augusta D'Andrassi, Forestry Doctor, naturalistic guide and environmental interpreter of the Elicriso association; and Sara Palombo, certified 1st level Nordic Walking instructor, leading the Circeo Nord Walking association. Long live nature! 

Info: Will be 333 885 6380  / Augusta 347 516 1473

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